Stoagie Press - Best Cigar Lounge of 2019


Stoagie Press rated Suburban Cigar Lounge #4 for it’s 2019 Best Cigar Lounge. This is not an easy award to receive. Boston Jimmy uses the following criteria for judging each lounge:

  1. Cleanliness - how clean the shop and air is
  2. Humidor size and selection - is there a fine selection of both big and small brands
  3. Inclusiveness/Ambiance - is it friendly, inviting, and interesting, do the patrons welcome newcomers
  4. Hours of Operation - is it open 7 days a week, does it have extended hours on the weekends
  5. Attentiveness - how attentive and knowledgeable is the staff
  6. Events - are there regular events at least monthly with special deals
  7. Membership Program - do they have one and is the cost vs benefits valuable to the consumer
  8. Bar Selection - does the lounge offer a wide selection of beverages for sale

If that’s not enough, the above list is weighted using the following scale:

  • Humidor 40%
  • Cleanliness 20%
  • Attentiveness 10%
  • Inclusiveness/Ambiance 10%
  • Events 5%
  • Hours of Operation 5%
  • Bar Selection 5%
  • Membership 5%

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